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Last night, I felt insanely stressed from work. My to-do list grew exponentially, while my energy was lower with every box I checked. When I got home, I had no brain cells left. So I opened a bottle of wine and unlocked my phone screen.

Except, instead of going for…

Blow Your Stack

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A writer’s job can get lonely.

When I started on Medium, I struggled to connect to other writers. This year, I decided to join Twitter as a way to meet new people. …

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Tinder is a field full of bombs: finding a great match is like fighting a war. The field is full of dull, arrogant, and weird people. The people who look interesting turn out to be creepier than Frankenstein when you text them. …

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When I started on Medium, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of paying the membership. I wasn’t a reader of the platform, and all I wanted was to write and earn money.

I started by writing some articles, and they were… bad.

Okay, maybe I’m too harsh on myself —…

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The first time I read The Great Gatsby, I fell in love with the protagonist.

Jay Gatsby is a successful man who waited years for his loved one. He’s completely devoted to Daisy, moves mountains so they can be together, and loves her with all his heart. He’s the perfect…

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Every successful writer follows the same strategy: create good content consistently. It’s simple but difficult to achieve. What is good content? How do you maintain your consistency?

When I started writing, I was clueless. My content was awful, and I still struggle with consistency. But, if I wanted to pay…

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Writing is a mind game.

You have to feel well to write well. For the past two months, I have been unable to write. Whenever I opened Medium, I stared at the blank page, and my fingers couldn’t move. I felt empty — there was nothing to say. …

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“Your mindset changes your reality” sounds like advice from those self-improvement coaches who end up never truly helping you. I believed the only way to change your reality was through action, and positive thinking was a scam.

Until my therapist told me something that changed my perspective forever.

It happened…

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The rules of society are stupid. I’m a free woman, and I am free to live life as I please. I can date whoever I want to, and I don’t care what others think of me. I would never allow others to tell me how to live my life.


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I like to think of myself as the “therapist” of my friends. Not that I’m an actual therapist — far from that. But I find it satisfying to give advice. You know, I enjoy analyzing scenarios, fantasize outcomes, and outline the best solution.

The only problem was that, although my…

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I write about love, relationships, and sex. I’m much nicer on Twitter:

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